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About us
A company with responsibility and commitment

General Markets Food Iberica are leaders in the Spanish wholesale distribution in Spain, however one of our objectives is to also be leaders in sustainability.


For 94 years we have been maintaining a balance between the protection of the environment, social responsibility and economic success as part of our day to day, both through our collaboration with social entities and putting into practice our strategy to improve energy performance.


General Markets Food Iberica actively collaborates with various organisations, both for- and not-for-profit, to contribute to and guarantee social quality and stability, promote a healthy lifestyle and diet, prevent child poverty and fight against social exclusion.

We make regular donations to social entities through our 6 platforms. Annually donating over 360,000 kg of food valued at more than €550,000.

Food and monetary donations to Càrites Girona.

Collaboration with the social activity of the Fundación PortAventura in the events and activities it carries out each year: Solidarity Dinner, the Solidarity Race (#FunRun), the "No Child without a Moustache" Milk Collection Campaign and the Solidarity Golf Tournament.

Our GMcash centres participate in "The Great Collection" organised by the Food Bank.

Support to the Fund for Salt Marsh Safe-keeping and Recovery (SALARTE) in the Bay of Cádiz.

Collaboration with the Xuclis Festival, an event organised by the Casa dels Xuclis, a shelter for displaced families in Barcelona with children suffering from cancer who receive long-term treatment in leading hospitals.

Collaboration with the Campaign of the "la Caixa" Foundation and Food Bank "No Child without a Moustache" milk campaign, which promotes the collection of milk for disadvantaged families.

We carry out distribution of the RAC 1 and Torrons Vicens Turró Solidari, which aims to raise funds for the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona, specifically for the investigation of minority childhood diseases.

Collaboration with the Hesed Association – Figueres Foundation, which helps refugees in Greece and Serbia.

and energy saving

General Markets Food Iberica is developing a long-term strategic plan for energy transition, to comply with the guidelines set by the EU for 2030 in terms of sustainable development. To carry out this project, we have our own Energy Management department at GM FOOD.


Since 2010 the company has been working on the implementation of renewable energy use with Certificates of Origin in all our GMcash centres and platforms. Thanks to this, currently 100% of the energy that we use in these centres is renewable with Guarantee of Origin certificates from the CNMC.


In line with our plan to continue developing advances in energy, we have proposed a strategy to improve energy performance based on 4 points:

Reduce electricity consumption by 3% by raising awareness and exploiting the Energy Management System through the adoption of measures such as training employees, appointing a person to be responsible for Energy Efficiency, preparing reports and their subsequent monitoring, and encouraging and rewarding energy saving in our centres.

Increase self-consumption in our centres through the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, for which a national implementation plan has been developed, with special emphasis on increasing installation in the Canary Islands centres, and the start-up in those in the south of Spain.


The headquarters in Vilamalla (Girona) was the first to install solar panels that will generate photovoltaic energy which will cover 8% of the energy consumed in this centre.

Improvement in the efficiency of facilities, replacing the current lighting in the logistic platforms with LED, leading to a 2% reduction in consumption.


The Torrejón de Ardoz logistics platform has 100% LED lighting, exemplifying the commitment to this very highly energy efficient technology.


In addition, the GMcash centres have LED lighting in 90% of the Fresh Market sections. It is in these refrigerated zones of the cash & carry centres where improvements in the production, distribution and use of industrial refrigeration are being applied, reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.

Promotion of more ecological and efficient transport, through the installation of charging points for electric vehicles.

The headquarters in Vilamalla (Girona) already has two charging points for electric vehicles.



GM FOOD is committed to hospitality and catering in Spain. This is why in 2016 we created GMchef, a tapas contest for first-year students in catering and cooking schools across the country.


The aim of the contest is to support and promote the training of professionals in our country’s catering industry, to help in the development of a professional sector and to continue being one of the leaders in the world cuisine.



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